Terms and Policies

Security and Confidentiality

Tatilpremium.com can collect personal data for several reasons. The information below details how these data shall be collected and secured.

Tatilpremium.com collects the personal information of people, who fulfils several reservation and loyalty forms and questionnaires (name-surname, company data, phone, address and e-mail address). 

Tatilpremium.com may send to its members and customers information about campaigns, new products, or promotion offers. Our members and customers are free to choose receiving or not receiving such information. If you let us know that you do not want to receive such info, you will be excluded from the information list.

 The personal information data provided by our members to Tatilpremium.com through internet or mail during confirmation process shall not be explained to any third party excluding the objectives and conditions defined in the “Hiring Contract”.

Our company saves and uses IP addresses of our members to define system problems and to solve conflicts or challenges related with our service. IP addresses can be used to define users in general and to collect demographic data. 

Tatilpremium.com may use the data for direct marketing for itself or its affiliates other than the context and aim of the Hiring Contract. Personal data can also be used to contact with the user. Other than the defined objectives and context of the Hiring Contract, our company or its affiliates can use the information demanded by our company or submitted by the customer for statistical estimations, database establishment, or market surveys.

Tatilpremium.com guarantees to secure confidential information, accepts to keep it confidently, to secure any confidential information from public use, unauthorised usage or disclosure. 


Tatilpemium.com may post link to other sites. Our company does not undertake responsibility about security practice and content of accessed web links. The owners of published villa and lodgings receive your identities (Because the property owner must inform Identity Information System) . Security Policy Principles in this contract is only related with service of tatilpremium.com. It does not cover third party web sites. 


In the cases listed below, our company may express information about users instead of this “Security Policy”. As limited to the parts below: 

  1. In order to obey obligations put by law, decree, regulation etc.  drafted by legal authorities.
  2. In order to execute and realize provisions of signed “Hiring Contract” between customer and Tatilpremium.com.
  3. In order to submit information about users during inspections or inquiries duly executed by administrative or legal authorities. 
  4. In the cases when it is necessary to express information for the rights and securities of the users. 



Tatilpremium.com may receive information about visitor and user activities in our web site via a technical communication folder (Cookie). The named technical communication folders are small text files, which an internet site user sends to browser to keep in main memory. Technical communication folder keeps the status and preferences about the site and facilitates Internet usage. 

Technical communication folder assists to  collect statistical knowledge about how many people visit the site, for which purpose a person visits the site, how many times a person visits the site, and how long a person stayed in the web site. Therefore, these data helps to design specific dynamic advertisements and contents for special user web pages. Technical communication folder is not designed to receive data or personal information from your memory or email. Most of the browsers are designed to initially accept technical communication folder. However, users may  alter their browsers to prevent or notify when the  technical communication folders are received.  

Tatilpremium.com may change the provisions of “Security Policy” to publish or to  send emails to users and customers when needed. These changes in provisions become valid when they are published in the web page.