Rental Agreement


  1. Hereinafter in this contract, the lessee of villa/lodgings shall be called as “ The Tenant”  and the lessor shall be called as “Dorkan Tourism”.
  2. This contract, is formed to  lease any  villa /lodging,  which are listed in the website called or  in  marketing channels of its domestic and foreign business partners in a predetermined time period, in which the start and end dates are clearly specified. 
  3. The Tenant and entourage shall accept the following conditions after sending a request and paying the advance and finally completing the reservation for the relevant  villa or lodgings through and marketing channels of its domestic and foreign business partners.
  4. The tenants cannot transfer their rights and obligations to third parties due to this contract without approval of Dorkan Tourism. Dorkan Tourism may transfer its rights and obligations  due to this contract to third parties. 
  5. In order to  complete reservation, 15 % or 50% of rental ( depends on villa/lodging types) shall be paid  in advance. After down payment, reservation information shall be sent to the Tenant via e-mail. Along with down payment the Tenant accepts the conditions and provisions of this contract. The Tenant must pay the balance amount in cash while entering in  the relevant villa.
  6. There is no  refund, if the Tenant  wants to  quit for any reason after check-in.
  7. Dorkan Tourism shall  bill  service charge, because it mediates between the Tenant and the owner of the relevant  villa/lodging in terms of hiring. The balance  of the whole rental  is the share of villa/lodging owner and Dorkan Tourism has no responsibility on this amount. 
  8. There is no  refund for the advance payment (except the prohibitions put by  local government about  war threat, terror attack, natural disasters, curfew due to Pandemic conditions, general  travel ban etc. ) 
  9. If the reservation may be cancelled by the owner of hired villa/lodgings or by Dorkan Tourism ,then Dorkan Tourism must refund all  advance payment.
  10. Dorkan Tourism is the mediating internet channel between villa/lodging owners and Tenants,  and  it does not take responsibility about the  troubles related with the villa/lodgings (for example accidents, illness, fire, theft, death, drought, travel, shopping, food, entertainment, travel, energy setbacks etc. ). All responsibility is belonged to villa/lodgings owner. Dorkan Tourism  is responsible for reporting the complaints of the Tenants to relevant people as soon as possible.
  11. There is no extra charge for pool and garden cleaning, electricity, water supply, internet costs.
  12. The staff responsible for pool maintenance shall enter to the necessary  area and stay in those areas for that reason. 
  13. Entrance cleaning is included in the rental  for the daily, weekly, and monthly hirings.  The requested, extra paid cleaning may be conducted when cleaning companies are available.
  14. Due to special request of some villa and lodging owners  cleaning may be charged for  the reservation under 7 days or rentals under 7 days  may  not  be possible for some properties.
  15. The pool heat range between 20 -29 C degrees. Dorkan Tourism is not responsible for electricity cuts or if the pool water does not get enough warm.
  16. Dorkan Tourism is not responsible for the illness or allergies got from pool water or showers. 
  17. Dorkan Tourism is not responsible about the flies, animals, insects, bugs or smells due to fertilisers around or within the villa/lodging area.
  18. Damage deposit , which was predetermined by  villa/lodging owner, shall be taken in entrance, and shall be refunded if there is no damage and if the house is left properly. If any damage is defined in check-out;  the necessary  coverage amount shall be charged immediately,  then the rest amount shall be returned to the Tenant. If the deposit is not sufficient to cover the damage the rest shall be immediately  paid by the Tenant in cash. 
  19. After the property is left to the control of the tenant, the visitor is  responsible against the owner of the property, if he/she may not use it as own property in line with the laws, general  ethics, in a clean , careful, and attentive way according to the contract  and negotiations . Dorkan Tourism is absolutely  not responsible in this respect.
  20. The tenant  shall  be understanding against the neighbours and avoid any  disturbing act  or noise. In addition, the Tenant  must not conduct illegal  activities ( guns, narcotics, smuggling etc). In these conditions, Dorkan Tourism or property owner hold the right to discharge the house without warning. Dorkan Tourism shall not be responsible for the loss and damages during the named discharge. This contract  guarantees that the house may not be hired in defined dates. This contract  shall be void in disasters  and force majeure conditions. 
  21. The villa and lodgings may not be excessively  lodged  more than  the maximum number of persons defined in the detail page of our web site. If it is excessively lodged, villa/lodgings owner have right  to  discharge these people  or may  demand extra fee. The number of residents  shall include any person above age 2 and the number shall be counted accordingly.
  22. If not distinctively specified, pets and smoking is not allowed in the villa/ lodgings.
  23. According to the Decree numbered 678 and the Identity Notification Law numbered 29896 dated 22nd November 2016, the Tenant must  submit identities of all persons , who will  stay in villa/lodgings (as Identity Card, Driving License, Passport ) to  authorized representatives of the company.
  24. The earliest  entrance time  shall be at 15:00 P.M and exit shall be at 10:00 A.M . The five hours in between is spared for cleaning. Late exit an early  entrance may  only be possible in available conditions. 
  25. It is recommended for the Tenants to  make  individual life, health, travel  and bribery  insurance. 
  26. Dorkan Tourism reserves the right to cancel reservation of the Tenants if the Tenants disturbs environment and conducts criminal  behaviour. 
  27. There is no 100% guarantee for the protected ( the pool is not seen from outside) villas, as not to be seen from outside. Dorkan Tourism does not undertake responsibility for such occasions.
  28. Dorkan Tourism must not share personal information of the Tenants such as name, surname, address, phone number, mail address. These data may only be used for statistical  purposes and for campaign information. Dorkan Tourism spends special effort to  protect  these data from malevolent people. Dorkan Tourism cannot be blamed as responsible,  if the data is  occupied by third parties  due to cyber-attacks. 
  29. The Tenants hold own responsibility to  reach at  hired lodgings and villa.
  30. Dorkan Tourism is not responsible about the problems and dissatisfaction about the road, geographical location, decoration, and materials used. 
  31. The geographical location data submitted by  Dorkan Tourism is approximate data.
  32. Dorkan Tourism is not responsible for the accidents, problems, deaths, or the health  problems such as insect sting, poisoning, allergies due to the  construction material  or submitted facilities of the property.
  33. Dorkan Tourism is not responsible for the problems related with the bugs and insects in our villa/lodgings choices  within nature.
  34. Cancelling  reservation  is not possible due to the changes in decorations, colours, size  differed from the pictures within the web site .
  35. Rental  conditions are totally  valid due to the cancellation  of holiday leaves of public and private sector workers. 
  36. About the irreparable damages or breaks regarding the hired house,   the payment shall be made after deducting unstayed days .The lodged days may not be refunded.
  37. The Tenant must enter the hired villa or lodging on the required date  and must  pay the balance amount on that date. If the Tenant wants to  enter in  another date within the period of hiring the whole balance amount must be paid on the exact  start date of the reservation. If not paid,  Dorkan Tourism holds the right to apply legal procedures.
  38. The Tenant, cannot use right of withdrawal in any reason, according to the 15/g article of the regulation about the distant contracts  published in the Official Gazette numbered 29188 and dated 27.11.2014. 
  39. Any  Tenant, who reserved a  villa/lodging  shall be accepted as  read and accepted the conditions and provisions listed above. Any improper action  gives Dorkan Tourism the rights  to solely  cancel , default the advance  and demand whole payment.
  40. Severability: If  any/part of  extrinsic provisions in the Contract becomes legally void, and if it is understood that the residing provisions can be conducted properly without that part, only the void part shall be taken as null, and  the rest  of the provisions shall be kept valid and reliable. 
  41. The Tenant  shall  be counted as accepting “Security and Privacy Policy”  by  accepting this Contract.
  42. Fethiye Execution Office is authorized in any  conflict due to the subjects of this contract.